Before we embark on our daily grind of (frequently bad) news, let's stop for a moment and contemplate the above photo of this teeny tiny chihuahua puppy, who was saved from certain doom by a kind-hearted groundskeeper at a Bay Area junior college.

The story begins quietly, as so many do: Santa Rosa Junior College facilities and operations groundskeeper Syda Khaleck was tossing some trash into one of the school's dumpsters at around 8 a.m. on Tuesday, October 27, reports SRJC's student paper, The Oak Leaf.

That's when, he says, he heard the little dog you see above crying from the bottom of the dumpster, "apparently left to die."

He rescued the injured, cold, and shaking pup from the trash receptacle, wrapped her in a towel, and called his colleague, Cheryl Sherwood, for help.

When Sherwood arrived on the scene, she tells The Oak Leaf, “I cried. I felt so bad for it. The fact that she was shaking so much, was scared and was in so much pain because of her legs.”

After being turned away from a local veterinarian, Sherwood turned to Sonoma County Animal Services. They treated what turned out to be two broken legs on the little dog, and say that she's recovering well.

There's still, of course, the question of who would throw a suffering animal into the trash, and that's where the Santa Rosa Junior College District Police come in. They tell the Oak Leaf that they're assisting Sonoma SCAS by investigating this as an animal cruelty incident, which can lead to prison time or a fine as high as $20,000. However, reports KTVU, as "the pup had no tags or electronic chip that might provide identification," it'll be an uphill battle.

That said, if anyone has any information on the case, they're urged to contact Sonoma County Animal Services Officer Justin Ofster at 707-565-7100 and/or the SRJC District Police at 707-527-1000 (refer to case number JC15-0554).

“To me, it’s torture," Sherwood says. "Whether they didn’t have money to treat the dog or whatever reason they left it in there, something else could have been done, more humane. They could have left it where someone could help it."

Of course, Sherwood's not wrong! And I think we all agree that whoever did this is not a great person. But I hope that instead of simply raging against the dog's abuser, you'll join me in celebrating Khaleck for saving the dog, and for Sherwood for making sure she got care. I'd like to take their actions as proof that for every shitty person like the dog dumper trying to make the world worse, there are two more people there to save the day.