If you happened to miss the politically tinged, folksy charm of Willie Brown's Willie's World column in the Chronicle on Sunday, you may have missed an important invitation. Brown casually notes, as if he were talking to an audience of 20 in a board room, "Speaking of election day, be sure to join me and Board of Supervisors President London Breed on Tuesday at John’s Grill. We’ll have Ellis Street blocked off from noon to 2 p.m. The food and the drinks are on us and the restaurant." Well that's so kind of you, Willie. He adds, "No speeches, no campaigning and no fights."

I guess it's just a lunchtime open bar with free food, even though election results won't roll in until six or seven hours later, and it's unclear if John's Grill will continue hosting an election party for the remainder of the day and evening.

Brown also takes a column inch or two to chat about the Republican debate last week ("What a hoot!"), and to gossip about how attendance has been slipping at Oracle Open World ("Oracle Slumber World"), as well as to gossip about the Peskin-Christensen race for District 3 Supervisor. And as is typical for Brown, and typically inappropriate given all of his political ties and his role as a columnist, he not so subtly implies that Christensen must be behind in the polls, which is why her campaign people are crowing about voter misconduct in Chinatown precincts (that may otherwise be loyal to the mayor, and therefore Christensen). And remember when he referred to Peskin as a "troll"?

Anyway, if people could use a free two-martini lunch tomorrow, might I suggest John's Grill?

Update: SFist just received a personal invitation, no RSVP required, however this time the details are "free lunch and wine," not "all drinks on us." This of course makes more sense, but given Willie's public invitation in the Chronicle, I would suggest you show up, order a martini, and say you were lied to if you're refused.

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