BART announced last week that the third rail of the upcoming Warm Springs BART Station — south of Fremont Station — would be turned on today. The powering on of the rail means that the station is quickly approaching opening — possibly even sooner than the planned early 2016 opening date.

CBS San Francisco reports that BART officials have announced that if everything continues to go as planned, the new station may open before the end of the year.

Warm Springs Station is a further, 5-mile extension of the Fremont line that's been in the works for seemingly ever. (Construction began in 2009, and it's been a dotted-line theoretical on BART maps even longer than that.) The BART project overview describes the line as "[adding] 5.4-miles of new tracks from the existing Fremont Station south to a new station in the Warm Springs District of the City of Fremont, with an optional station to be located approximately midway, in the Irvington District."

Several other stations are proposed in an eventual plan to get BART all the way down to San Jose and Silicon Valley via the east, including the next to open which will be Berryessa Station, south of Warm Springs, in 2018.

The new station will be outfitted with bike lockers, as well as an excitingly named "kiss and ride" drop-off area for passengers.

And because this is 2015, here's drone video of the project:

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