In what appears to be a rare case of Mission District reverse gentrification, the former home of fancy soda/candy shop The Fizzary has morphed into an illegal gambling den, complete with numerous complaints to police and at least one shooting.

It turns out the now-closed purveyor of Maté Colada soda was the site of the October 17th incident where an unknown suspect fired a gun through the building's front door — striking another man in the leg.

The now defunct store was shut down earlier this year. And since September, there have been numerous calls to police about late-night illegal activity in the storefront, which is located on Mission Street (near 25th)

Capp Street Crap notes that "[in] a period of just more than a month, between Sept. 3 and Oct. 19, there have been 20 police calls to 2949 Mission St."

As to the motivation behind the shooting — perhaps an argument over a dice game that went too far? — we don't really know. At the time, KRON 4 noted that "officers have not said if any arrests were made in connection with the illegal gambling establishment or described a motive for the shooting."

The trend of shuttered storefront turning into after-hours gambling spots is not a new one, and as recently as October 15th Supervisor John Avalos held a press conference about this very problem.

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