A terrible accident caught on film highlights the dangers faced everyday by pedestrians on the streets of San Francisco. The crash, which thankfully did not result in any death, occurred when a scooter ran headfirst into a jogger at the busy SoMa intersection of Third and Folsom Streets. The entire October 13th collision was captured on the scooter driver's point-of-view helmet cam.

Mark Pettit, the man driving the scooter, wrote about the crash in detail on the YouTube page where he posted the video of the incident.

"I saw her at the last second and hit the brakes as hard as I could, but I couldn't avoid a collision. I did slow down pretty far, though; I only went another foot or two forward before falling."

Pettit continued that he "immediately went to check on the pedestrian" who "seemed a little shaken up and dazed." After dialing 911, and an ambulance arrived, he "stayed away and let the professionals do their work."

The jogger was running against the light, and Pettit had the right of way.

CBS San Francisco followed up on the jogger, and found out that she was released from the hospital only yesterday.

Walk SF, a San Francisco pedestrian advocacy group, notes that in SF cars on average hit three pedestrians a day, and that "60% of all San Francisco’s traffic deaths are people walking" which is four times the national average.

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