Hey, remember that inflatable penis mentioned in yesterday's Daisy Does The Niners? Well, there it is all of its pink, erect, inflatable glory.

While Niners fans have found little to actually enjoy in this year's dreary, dismal, and downright depressing 2-5 season, the giant phallus labeled "YORK" provided a moment of levity during the Thursday night beatdown. Season ticket holder Ashley, who was at Levi's Stadium with friends and family to celebrate her 24th birthday, had the junk literally fall into her lap from the sky. She knew what she had to do.

"Someone honestly just threw it down from the upper deck so I had to take a picture with it because I’ve been so angry with Jed York for a while," she told The Cauldron. "[York] ruined the team. He wanted Harbaugh gone and look what that's gotten us."

According to Niners Nation, the York-Dork is now in the hands of a Seahawks fan. Hah.

Only 9 more games to go. Sigh.