"The Real Teens of Silicon Valley," a magazine profile from June of "the almost-adult lives of the [technology] industry’s newest recruits," took some cues from television, as acknowledged in its title.

But now the article, written by Nellie Bowles for California Sunday Magazine, will be giving television the cues. Deadline reports that a dramatization/adaptation of the piece is in the works from Matt Reeves, who along with J.J. Abrams served as the co-creator of the classic college TV drama Felicity.

A show about the lives of teens working in tech is a far cry from Reeves' recent work writing and directing the latest Planet Of The Apes feature. But for the drama, to be called In the Wild, he'll have help in writing from Natalie Krinsky. Krinsky has written for Gossip Girl and Grey's Anatomy and was most recently steeped in the YA genre, adapting popular coming of age novel I'll Give You the Sun for the screen according to the Hollywood Reporter.

"In the Wild" is likely a riff on the slang for seeing a product or service used on the street. For example: How many Apple Watches have you seen in the wild by now? Like a million? Me too.

Anyway, all the talent attached to this is no doubt promising, but it's worth registering a note of skepticism. Considering the short-lived Amazon show Betas and the third season of Silicon Valley on HBO in progress, do we really need another TV show about teenagers in tech?