A teacher's aide is being lauded for her quick thinking in foiling the attempted kidnapping of one of her former students.

On Friday morning, Sandra Ferguson was driving to work at Antioch's Sutter Elementary School when she noticed something seemed amiss. On the 3000 block of G Street, near the school, Ferguson noticed an 11-year-old girl sitting in the front seat of a truck with an older man. Ferguson recognized the girl as one of her former students, and asked her if the man was her father. The girl responded by saying he was a friend. "I said, 'No, he's not your friend!'" Ferguson told ABC 7. "I put my car in front of his and blocked him in. I told her, 'You get out of that truck right now!'" She immediately called the police.

The man made no attempt to run and police arrived and arrested 51-year-old Santiago Salazar of Brentwood on suspicion of kidnapping. According to the Contra Costa Times, Salazar at first tried to lure the girl into his car, but then forcibly pulled her in.

Salazar had no relation to the girl.

"Thankfully she was a guardian angel, preventing something terrible from happening," said school principal Debra Harrington, lauding Ferguson's actions.

Even Ferguson is a little surprised at herself. "It was kind of like a superwoman power thing. I can't believe it did that!"