In a letter to the California Employment Development Department, Twitter's Human Resources Department clarified that their current mass layoff — a layoff is considered "mass" in CA if it's 50 or more people — will mean the elimination of at least 240 jobs at their San Francisco headquarters, as the Mercury-News reports. This is just a clarification of the announcement made earlier this week that Twitter would be laying off 8 percent of its worldwide workforce — 336 or so people out of the 4,100 or 4,200 people it employs in 35 different offices.

The majority of those employees, though, are in San Francisco. Their headquarters at 1355 Market Street reportedly had about 2,300 employees, though fewer by today since we know layoffs began in some departments on Tuesday and Wednesday. Some employees noted on Twitter that they were informed, unceremoniously, by finding themselves locked out of their own company Twitter accounts.

The majority of the layoffs are said to be in the product and engineering departments, but it should be noted that this represents more than 10 percent of the SF office, with all 240 losing their jobs by December 13.

As a formality, the letter to the state clarifies, "We anticipate that these changes will be permanent; however the entire facility will not be closed."

CEO Jack Dorsey has said the company "will go to great lengths to take care of each individual by providing generous exit packages and help finding a new job," and "We will honor them by doing our best to serve all the people that use Twitter. We do so with a more purpose-built team..."

Sorry to all those who were less, uh, purpose-ful.

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