The Safeway at 350 Bay Street has a pretty tarnished reputation, from incidents that got it named one of SF's "sketchiest" earlier this year to CW Nevius' report last month that shoplifters steal from there with gleeful abandon. Perhaps their image will improve somewhat this week, after news broke that a patron won a million bucks at the Fisherman's Wharf area store.

According to a press release sent by the California Lottery, area woman Janet Smith recently bought a Million $$ Match Scratcher ticket at the Safeway in question. When the ticket's information was revealed, she realized she was a winner — and not of that five or ten bucks most of us get (if we play at all) — she'd scored the million dollar prize.

Sure, after taxes that's probably not enough to buy a house in San Francisco, but I still wouldn't turn that down, would you? The Safeway will also get $5000 for selling Smith the ticket, which might enable them to hire store security that actually does something when people steal things that cost less than $1000, aka "anything you could possibly ever steal from a Safeway."

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