Because we can never get enough of the Legend of Patty Hearst around here, please enjoy this animation that's recently been made by PBS Digital Studios/Blank on Blank to accompany a 1982 interview Hearst gave to Lawrence Grobel. She says a number of notable things in the interview, her first after getting out of prison, including (referring to her willing participation in the robbery of a San Francisco bank by the Symbionese Liberation Army, who had kidnapped her in 1974), "I'm sorry, I‘m a coward. I didn’t want to die."

She's also exasperated about being found guilty. "They've got to prove reasonable doubt," she said of her defense attorneys. "Is it reasonable to assume that someone who has been locked in a closet for 57 days, after being kidnapped, brutalized, raped, abused, then they say 'You're going to rob a bank now.' Is it reasonable to assume that that person has free will...?"

As you may know, Hearst's seven-year sentence was commuted by President Carter after 22 months in 1979, and she was later pardoned by Bill Clinton. Bit of trivia: In the weeks before he was murdered in Jonestown in 1978, Representative Leo Ryan was collecting signatures in support of Hearst's release from prison.

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