Here's some serious rendering porn. It seems the world was never meant to have a rock-star owned, Marin-based, mega-compound with the charming name of "Omega 3" grace its surface. But oh, for a sweet moment in time, we could almost taste what SocketSite called the "futuristic mega-home." The home was originally to be built on a Marin property owned by Lars Ulrich of Metallica, but according to Socketsite, the thing never got built and the land is now listed for a cool $39 million.

The building plans make the place sound as if it would have been pretty damn nice. Which, well, it was going to be Lars Ulrich's home, so we guess no surprise there. The building was designed by Stanley Saitowitz of Natoma Architects Inc., and was set to include "music archives, studios, and work room for the rock-star owner."

The property encompasses 140 acres in the area of Larkspur, and like the site of any potential future-compound home should, has its own name: the King Mountain Estate.

Maybe that stunning new wife of his has other ideas for what to do with Ulrich's millions?