Please, please, oh Karl. Don't let this be the last beach day of 2015. So cruel you are to bring it on a Tuesday.

Yes, the city's supposed to hit 85 today, according to the National Weather Service (via the Chronicle). As of 10 a.m., Weather Underground has a beach reading of 73 degrees at Kellys Cove/Ocean Beach, so that's promising.

All those of you working in the "gig economy" and those with flexible schedules and such should take advantage of this day. Go out there. Breath it in and bask in it for all of us. Because there's a chance this is the last of Indian Summer — but knock on wood it's not!!

No, we often have sneak-attack hot days well into November, but when they don't come on a weekend they're just occasions for melancholy and sweaty lunches if you ask me, unless you have the freedom to play hooky.

There's a slight chance of light rain heading our direction this weekend, which might put a slight damper on Saturday's shows at the Treasure Island Music Festival, but Sunday looks mostly sunny.

Also, in case you missed it, this El Nino is now "too big to fail," though NASA climate people are still saying SoCal will be getting the brunt of the rain.