A man found with a dead cat in his car and possibly connected to a string of cat deaths is the son of a retired police captain, say investigators.

On Thursday morning, San Jose Police arrested 24-year old Robert Farmer when they found him sleeping in his car in a Home Depot parking lot near Hillsdale and Leigh Avenues. Farmer was found with a cat's carcass in his car, according to the ABC 7.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that Farmer is the son of a retired SJPD captain. Police say that Farmer matches the description of a man caught on a home security camera stealing a cat named GoGo three weeks ago. Residents in the Cambrian neighborhood say that pet cats have gone missing or been found dead. The arrest comes with a sense of relief to them.

"Pets are family members to a lot of us so when something like this happens it deeply definitely affects a lot of people and that affects the community," San Jose resident Mike Bassi told ABC 7. "So yeah, that's really good news"