President Obama had some words of advice this morning for the 2020 campaign's current frontrunner.

The President was at San Francisco's Warfield Theater on Saturday morning for a DNC fundraiser where the rapper also performed, making it one of the few times in Kanye's career that he wasn't at the top of the bill. Tickets cost between $250 and $10,000, according to SFGate.

"Kanye is thinking about running... for Speaker of the House," Obama joked with the crowd. "In case Kanye is serious about this whole POTUS thing—or as he calls it 'peezy'—I do have advice for him."

"First of all you gotta spend a lot of time dealing with some strange characters who behave like they're on a reality TV show," said Obama. "So you gotta be cool with that." He seems cool with that.

"Saying that you have a 'beautiful dark twisted fantasy,'" he continued, with a reference to West's 2010 album. "That's what's known as 'off-message' in politics."

"And number three: do you really think this country is going to elect a black guy from the south side of Chicago with a funny name to be president of the United States?" he concluded. "That is crazy!"

In exchange for the advice, West gifted the Prez wit two pairs of Yeezy Boosts:

And the two left their mark, presumably backstage, signing their names with "#44" and #46." Obama is the 44th President of the United States. You can do the math on the other one.

Also in attendance at the event were the reigning NBA Champion Golden State Warriors and Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf:

Obama left later that morning and flew to Los Angeles, where he'll attending three private fundraisers, including a Jamie Foxx concert.