Remember that new tenant-protection ordinance introduced by Jane Kim and passed by a majority of the Board of Supervisors that would make it easier to add new roommates and harder to get evicted? Well, Ed Lee appears to be saying "not so fast." As the Examiner reports, the Mayor, in response to concerns from landlords, Lee may veto the legislation. These are concerns, namely, from the Small Properties Owners of San Francisco Institute who won a new victory earlier this week when a judge struck down, for the second time, some hefty Ellis Act payout legislation that passed last year.

Small Property Owners rep Josephine Zhao met with Kim and the mayor on Wednesday and expressed concerns over the roommate provision, which would allow tenants to add additional roommates according to existing city limits, regardless of the language of their lease. Also, the law makes it impossible for owners to re-rent units after invoking owner-move-in or condo conversion for any more than the current tenant is paying, thereby discouraging such evictions.

An aide for Kim said a veto would be "shocking," but the Examiner also notes that the Board could still override the veto with eight votes — something they can likely do since the law passed unanimously, 11-0, with four supervisors voting only against the roommate provision in a 7-4 vote.

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