One of the few people who has chosen to take on incumbent Mayor Ed Lee in this year's election, Amy Farah Weiss, has written an open letter today denouncing the Chronicle's Editorial Board for issuing that (albeit reluctant) endorsement of Lee last week before they even took the time to interview all the candidates. It appears they had scheduled an interview with Weiss for today, which does seem inconsiderate given last week's endorsement — and clearly they're acknowledging that the chances of another candidate overtaking Lee at this point are slim.

Says Weiss:

I have decided not to participate in your editorial board meeting today. It is a disgrace to democracy and your profession that you made your endorsement for Ed Lee prior to seriously interviewing all candidates for Mayor. I may not be an established politician or have a campaign "war chest", but I am as serious of a candidate as they come and deserve to be treated with respect for my dedication to finding solutions for the challenges and opportunities facing our city through the democratic process.

She's instead inviting the Board to come to a League of Women Voters debate tomorrow night (Thursday) to hear from all six candidates.

Weiss has joined forces with fellow candidates "Broke-Ass" Stuart Schuffman and Francisco Herrera in promoting a Facebook Group called Vote 1-2-3 to Replace Ed Lee. The group has over 1,700 members and the hope is that they can rally enough support between the three of them to funnel first-choice votes away from Lee.

Weiss told SFist back in March that while her initial intention in running was to possibly funnel votes, via ranked choice, to a more established progressive candidate like Mark Leno. But when none of them decided to run, she started taking her candidacy more seriously. Her YIMBY platform, as she describes it, is one of "inclusive development, an economy that truly shares and a local government that protects and supports the well-being of all San Francisco neighborhoods." She is a supporter of the Mission Moratorium, a.k.a. Prop I, saying that though she supports development we need to "pause for a plan."

The Chronicle has already come out against Prop I, saying, "good motives are not always accompanied by sound economics."

The Chron also, reluctantly, says Lee's reelection is "deserved," and they point to various positive things about the economy. But they also say plenty that's negative about Lee as a leader who happened to be in the right place as an economy was about to boom regardless of his actions.

With no major foe, Lee is coasting to re-election, another four years on top of the last five. In a city accustomed to battles between progressive and moderate Democrats, Lee floats above the political divide. There’s no need for Lee bumper stickers, house signs or campaign workers.
There are good reasons for his comfortable stature. He’s a lead-from-behind mayor, who manages problems by committee and consultation...
The mayor also bought into a winning city economy. He pushed through a tax break that brought tech employers to Mid-Market, an achievement he vigorously defends... Rising real estate prices have brought in extra money that canceled the need for higher taxes, a politician’s dream come true.

Below you can hear Weiss speaking on the topic of affordable development in a talk she recently gave to potential supporters.

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