We know that California's drought is doing all sorts of horrible things to our state, drying us to a Mad Max-like crisp and burning us to ash. And for the second year in a row, it's also fucking up Halloween, by hitting home-grown pumpkins with a horrible shrink ray.

CBS5 reports that the dry weather has caused area pumpkins to ripen early and whither on the vine. As you might recall, the same thing happened last year, as the Bay Area was hit with "a shortage of medium- and large-format pumpkins."

This yeah, however, at least one pumpkin purveyor has figured out a way around the shortage: Ordering gourds from out of state.

John Moore, who owns pumpkin farms in San Ramon and Castro Valley, says farmers in Silverton, Oregon "just sent him photos of big orange pumpkins with healthy stems ready to be loaded up and driven to his farms in the next couple of days," CBS5 reports.

Sorry, Oregon. First, we came for your houses. Then it was your coffee. Now, your pumpkins. What's next, your beards? Your Mason jars?

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