"What it would be like if Game of Thrones featured the biggest tech companies in Silicon Valley?" asks Vanity Fair, the same publication that just named Mark Zuckerberg its top "cultural leader." Well, let's see, the gender politics would be about the same, the facial hair situation would be pretty much unchanged, and it's not like the food techies currently eat could get any worse, right?

Never mind! The aspirational print publication actually just meant "what if we replaced GoT's (admittedly cool) credits with the logos from a bunch of tech companies, many of which aren't even based in Silicon Valley?" You don't get to see actors pretending to be Sergey Brin or whatever wielding broadswords or getting decapitated at all! This is a rip off!

Nice try at relevance, VF. Stick to 25-page-long stories about old ladies who are murdered by their butlers only to leave their entire estate to their dogs. You're out of your league with this one.