Robin Williams' widow and the actor's three children have finally reached a settlement in the dispute over the actor's estate.

Though the specifics of the settlement were not revealed, attorney James Wagstaffe, who represents Susan Williams, said in a statement, "The Tiburon residence in which Robin Williams lived for many years with his wife Susan and her children will remain in trust for Mrs. Williams for the rest of her life." The statement also says that Susan Williams will also receive one of the actor's watches, a bike the couple purchased on their honeymoon, and wedding gifts.

"I can live in peace knowing that my husband's wishes were honored," said Susan Williams. "I feel like Robin's voice has been heard and I can finally grieve in the home we shared together."

The Williams' adult children, Zachary, Zelda and Cody, were all from previous marriages and claimed many items from his estate that were in the Tiburon home he shared with Susan at the time of his death, including his awards and his bicycle collection. "I think they're just very happy to have this behind them," said Meredith Bushnell, who represents the children, according to the AP.

Susan Williams' initial court filing from last December claims that the children took items from the Tiburon home, just two days after the actor killed himself according to SFGate. "It was painful to have truckloads of his belongings removed from our home—it's the few sentimental items I get to hold onto that mean everything to me," said the widow after the settlement.

Williams' children will be receiving the "vast majority" of his estate, estimated to be valued at $100 million, according to the statement from Wagstaffe. Among these items include the Oscar he won for Good Will Hunting.

The settlement is pending a judge's approval, which both sides say they expect.