Folsom Street Fair weekend just wrapped up a few hours ago for those who attended the big unofficial afterparty known Real Bad at 1015 Folsom, or for those who went to after-afterparties and the after-after-afterparties after that. This year's fair was as crowded as ever, with weather just warm enough to allow for all-day shirtlessness and/or nakedness for many, and to allow all the adult babies to feel comfortable out of doors in just a diaper and bonnet.

As good old KRON 4 sums up the afternoon, "Men and women walked around in minimal or no clothing at the event. They also participated in various erotic events."

Here we bring you a smattering of the photo evidence, which hopefully none of these people's coworkers will mind seeing. And it looks like Instagram had a bit of a fit over photos with the Folsom Street Events tag, no matter whether they were technically not-nude or nude.

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