In what's become a highly co-dependent relationship with the remaining members of the beloved band, Grateful Dead fans have now drafted a petition, flagged by CBS SF, to encourage the remaining members of the group to perform at Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara.

The Grateful Dead, of course, recently completed what appeared to be a set of last hurrah shows: An attempt to ween themselves and their fans off of one another known as the Fare Thee Well Tour, performances of which took place at Levi's Stadium. But Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, and Bob Weir just couldn't quit, announcing San Francisco and Los Angeles performances of a new spinoff called Dead and Company last month.

Over 9,000 people have signed on to the petition, which points to the proximity of the Santa Clara stadium to the Dead's birthplace. And, beyond drawing on the band's Bay Area ties, there's the numerological coincidence. "To commemorate 50 years of SuperBowl history, what better group of musical engineers to set precidence during such an occasion, who are also celebrating 50 years of historical excellence, than the remaining members of The Grateful Dead! On so many levels, this would set the bar for a monumentous and unforgettable SuperBowl half-time performance, not only for those in attendance, but for the entire world over." Makes you think!

The petition seems poised to reach 10,000 signatures soon, the stated goal. At that point, nothing will happen.

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