Someone, possibly a local artist, printed up a rather professional looking street sign that was very professionally bracketed to a lamppost under some parking signs on the eastern edge of Alamo Square Sunday or Monday. As you can see above it says "No Tech Zone" and says there's a $300 fine for using cell phones or tablets. Hoodline posted a photo via a tipster, and KRON 4 caught the story via a reporter in the vicinity. SFist can report that as of Monday night or early Tuesday morning the sign had already been removed, likely after Rec & Parks or DPW was alerted to it via KRON 4. Nice work, internet! It was fun for the two minutes it lasted.

Hoodline initially reported there were multiple signs, but the only photos were taken of a single example at the foot of the Alamo Square Park stairs on Steiner at Grove Street, and there you can see the dangling brackets left above after city officials, or a vandal, removed it, and there are no dangling brackets visible elsewhere on other lampposts.

Chances are, however, from the look of that sign, that the culprit made more than one, and it could very well reappear.

This is another seeming example of anti-tech sentiment around town, though this one doesn't attack tech workers so much as it's targeting everyone with a healthy cell phone addiction, which is pretty much everyone under a certain age.

And is this really moving the conversation forward, people? No, but everyone enjoys a nicely executed joke with political/cultural overtones.

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