Over two months after the tentative acceptance of a $1,029,500 bid for one of San Francisco's most infamous homes, the offers kept on coming... to the point where the gross and spooky property went for far above the initial ask.

When I say "most infamous home," it's not hyperbole: It's hard to find someone in the city who hasn't heard of 152 4th Avenue, the house that contained the mummified remains of owner Anna Ragin, her (living) daughter Carolyn, and enough rats, black widow spiders, mold, bottles of urine that a hazmat team was required to clear the place out when the mess was discovered back in April.

At the time, cynics-slash-realists speculated that the house would sell for $2.5 million following a fresh coat of paint and a fumigation. But while the place did indeed get painted and scrubbed, an attendee at a Mummy House showing still said that neither could "quite chase away the smell of toxic mold and urine from the corners of the bedroom and kitchen."

Perhaps aware of the property's ongoing... issues, the house was initially listed at just $928K. A week later, the first bid was placed, for $1,029,500. However, since the owner is now a mummy, the sale was more complicated than that, requiring a court confirmation, during which other interested parties could drive the price up during a probate hearing for the estate.

And drive they did, as SocketSite reports that as of September 11 (an auspicious date for an auspicious property!) escrow closed on the property for a final sale price of $1.56 million. A lot more than the initial ask, but a lot less than sales of mummy-and-urine-bottle-free homes in the area.

At least, that's the price for now: Curbed SF assumes that the buyer will be flipping to a presumably unflappable buyer, after a major renovation. Will it fetch that speculated-upon $2.5 million then? Crazier things have certainly happened!

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