Continuing to stuff his interview schedule with business and technology titans in week two of the new Late Show, Stephen Colbert last night chatted with Apple CEO Tim Cook, both on serious topics (on why he decided to come out as gay last year, as he discusses in the clip above) and funny ones — Colbert asked Cook if the new iPhones were going to come with new charger cables again, and when he said no, Colbert replied, "Good, because I will stab you in the neck with a fondue fork!"

On the topic of coming out, Cook said he finally came around to the idea that it was his duty to do something for the kids who were being discriminated against and being "disclaimed" by their own parents. "Where I valued my privacy significantly," he said, "I was valuing it too far above what I could do other for other people."

As CNet notes, Colbert also joked about trying to get Mark Zuckerberg on the show next, saying, "Zuckerberg would be great," but adding that he could just get Jesse Eisenberg (who played Zuck in The Social Network) "and no one would know the difference."