Uber CEO Travis Kalanick appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night only to be yelled at by an audience member during the taping about how the company is "ruining" the taxi industry in New York. And in a gesture that sets him apart from his great but more structure-bound predecessor, Colbert apparently let the protestor say his piece to Kalanick, according to a Buzzfeed reporter in the audience, though the exchange was edited out of the interview that aired, which you can see above.

The story was picked up on The Verge, Business Insider and elsewhere, and the show's other interview, a very emotional talk with Vice President Joe Biden, went long, and therefore the Kalanick interview got cut to only five minutes, down from an apparent 15.

According to another audience member, Sarah, on Twitter, there were two separate interruptions from two different men in the audience, both of whom may have been New York City cab drivers, and Colbert handled it all masterfully.

Colbert apparently told the hecklers that he had a question about impacts on the taxi industry in his cue cards, and you can hear Kalanick's rote answer above, with the audience comments edited out. He talks about how, in New York, "A taxi driver spends $40,000 a year renting a car," and he said, "That should be a Bentley that you're riding around in, but instead it goes to a taxi owner who owns the license to own and operate that cab."

Colbert also pressed him on the move toward self-driving cars, and everything else the company plans to "Uberize," including lunch.

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