A hearing for ad tech mogul Gurbaksh “G” Chahal on charges of domestic violence — specifically hitting and kicking a woman whom he met while on trial for 45 felony counts of similar behavior directed at another woman — has been moved from tomorrow to November 13, as the San Francisco District Attorney's Office’s confirmed Thursday confirmed to The Business Times.

No reason for the move was immediately given, but with Chahal back in the headlines for reportedly tipping the scales of justice — he may have paid Willie Brown $1 million to get video evidence deemed inadmissible, according to documents obtained by the Wall Street Journal, — the hearing was likely to have been a media circus. Furthermore, this could provide time to incorporate evidence from the new reporting in order to revoke probation for or enact new charges against Chahal.

According to a police report regarding the incident at the root of the postponed hearing, Chahal met his alleged victim — during his trial — at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. There, the woman with whom he would go on to have a relationship was a VIP services supervisor. Chahal, she says, did not disclose the ongoing trial.

In May of 2014 she moved to San Francisco, where she frequently stayed with Chahal in his penthouse, though during these times he was "very short tempered and at times was verbally abusive," and "would be under the influence of alcohol and narcotics and would go in and out of consciousness and would have memory loss." At such times, he "would grab her by the hair until she answered" accusatory questions according to the woman's account to police.


Posted by Gurbaksh Chahal on Sunday, March 22, 2015

On September 17th at 4 a.m., Chahal's girlfriend claims that he kicked her incesseantly in bed during an argument they were having, causing her to try to call 911 and to then to leave the apartment. She was treated at and released from St. Mary's Hospital, complaining of a leg injury of which she took a photograph on her phone.

Back at her own San Francisco apartment, a security guard of Chahal's approached her, she said. According to the report, he instructed her "not to go to the police and that it would ruin his and others lives."

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