Does everybody remember the infamous on-air gaffe in which a KTVU anchor read a series of offensive joke names she thought were actual Asiana Airlines pilots, in the wake of the 2013 crash of Flight 214? Those names included Captain Sum Ting Wong and co-pilot Ho Lee Fuk, and somehow those made it to air in a live graphic. This was much like last night on KTVU as reporter Ken Pritchett was doing a live shot from the site of the 2010 gas main explosion in San Bruno, on the anniversary of the disaster, and a graphic went up below the feed saying 'SAN BURNO REMEMBRANCE.' Nice work, KTVU.

Local media watchdog Rich Lieberman caught the gaffe, and shared the screenshot above. Says Lieberman, "Oh, I'm on this immediately. And I'm pretty sure some heads will roll. Again."

Lieberman is referring to the fact that three staffers at KTVU were fired in the wake of the 2013 error, which the station also tried to blame on the NTSB. A fourth person, a news producer, simultaneously left the station "for health reasons."

In the case of "San Burno", though, it was not likely a purposeful joke, and just somebody typing too fast. But tell that to the families of the eight people who died.

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