Though a San Francisco Police Department officer was accused of rape over three weeks ago, the department didn't acknowledge the incident until today — and even then, a department spokesperson refused to disclose any details of the reported assault, including allegations that another officer sought to compromise the investigation.

Both the Ex and the Chron simply report that SFPD spokesperson Officer Albie Esparza admitted today that an unnamed officer allegedly sexually assaulted a woman "last month" and that “Once the alleged sexual assault was reported, the officer was immediately placed into a non-public contact assignment and relieved of his department issued firearm."

Citing "criminal and administrative investigations," Esparza refused to provide any additional details, noting that as the officer hasn't been arrested, his name isn't public record and the department isn't required to disclose it.

However, KRON4 has a great deal more information on the case, citing details from an SFPD search warrant they apparently caught a look at.

According to the warrant, KRON4 reports, a woman went to San Francisco General Hospital on August 7 for treatment of injuries from a sexual assault five days prior.

Though she refused to talk to officers while at the hospital, "two days later, she told them what had happened and identified the suspect," an officer at Taraval Station with whom she was acquainted.

Per KRON4:

Both the victim and the suspect reportedly drank heavily at the woman’s house in the Sunset District, with the woman “consuming 5-7 drinks in the first half hour.” According to the warrant, the pair then went to the woman’s bedroom, where she says they had sex despite her saying: “no I don’t want to.”

KRON4 quotes the warrant as saying that the officer admits to spending the evening with the woman, but says that he was "hammered" and doesn't remember any details of the night.

Of additional concern, according to the warrant, is that "a fellow officer at the Taraval Station and friend of the accused, compromised the investigation" and that he “intentionally interfered with a felony sexual assault investigation both by lying to the officers investigating the incident and by contacting the suspect directly to inform him of the progress of the investigation.” The warrant, in part, seeks to seize that officer's cell phone, KRON4 reports.

According to Esparza, the SFPD is currently working with the San Francisco District Attorney's Office to to “conduct a thorough, complete investigation” into the allegations, but declined to provide any additional information. A call to the DA's office had not been returned at publication time.