Google's unveiled a new logo today, in advance of their absorption (or whatever) into Alphabet, the holding company they made up earlier this month.

If you're the kind of person who goes to the Google homepage to search as opposed to just typing into your browser bar, you likely saw the somewhat frightening graphic demonstrating the change. So a bunch of disembodied hands live in that search field? Best not to think too hard about it, I guess.


The logo's new font, which the company created, is entitled "Product Sans." In Google's Design Blog, the company explains that the new "brand identity...aims to make Google more accessible and useful to our users—wherever they may encounter it," before they break down every little detail of the design and what it all means.

If you want to design dork out even more, Fast Company also has a whole lotta analysis of the new logo. But what do you think, are you suddenly finding Google more accessible and useful today?

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