It seems as though Trump piñatas are quite a popular item in the Mission, as the Chron reports. The demand for them and the rate they’re selling at is akin to how fast bacon-wrapped hot dogs are being slung from nearby carts on a Saturday night. Of course, it's also no big secret that Trump has very specific opinions on the Latino community, so this should really be no surprise.

Anyway, as mentioned previously, yes, piñatas taking on the form of Donald Trump can be found at various party supply and discount stores in the Mission. The smaller 3 foot-tall version is going for $14, while the large one, at around 4 feet, is $20 — which, according to KPIX 5, is nearly twice the cost of a piñata of a Disney character (although, who hates Minnie Mouse, really?) Also, sticks are $3, but if you have a good sturdy baseball bat at home, you’re golden.

You can also find versions of these on eBay, although the prices there will vary more.

Also, Trump piñatas don’t even need to be filled with candy, apparently. “Why do you need to put candy inside Donald Trump?” wondered the manager of the Discount City on 24th and Mission Shafi Mohammad, who told the Chron that: “Maybe poison. Not candy.”

Mohammad, who claims that the stuffed/hollow Trumps are selling fast at around 30-40 every week and that he’s experiencing a shortage. In fact, the piñata supplier he uses in Sacramento and was told he could have only six when he placed an order for 40.

Given their high demand, $14 seems like a pretty reasonable price to pay, no?

“Charging $14 is OK,” said Mohammad. “I would rather keep a customer happy and have him come back and buy another Trump piñata so he can hit him again.”