Stephen Colbert's fondness for Silicon Valley tech is well known, and he certainly made Colbert Report hay lampooning San Francisco's eccentricities — but now that he's made the big show, is he less eager to swiftly embrace Bay Area?

You might think so from the interview Colbert did with KPIX's Ken Bastida, in which the Late Show host-to-be asks the local newsman to "sell me on San Francisco" when it's proposed that he do his new show from Super Bowl 50.

Yes, though Colbert's called out our jaywalkers, kibitzed with and gotten dough from Gavin Newsom, and chowed down on the San Francisco treat as Nancy Pelosi interview prep, he apparently still needs to be convinced to come to our city. (Then again, looking back on what I just listed, I can see his point.)

San Francisco is "where the Yahoos are and the Googles and the Apples," Bastida responds, something Colbert is surely aware, given his war with Google over his height.

Apparently that was enough for the tech-loving talk show host, who counts local startup titans Elon Musk and Travis Kalanick as first-week guests. "I'd love that" he says, as Bastida proposes the Exploratorium as the venue from which Colbert could broadcast. (CBS connection aside, one wonders if an interviewer from KTVU would have fared was well with the comedian.)

“Bay Area, I love you," Colbert concludes, encouraging all of us to “come to New York for my show … we actually don’t have any room for you. I have family in town … just stay in San Francisco and watch the show on television."

You can stay in San Francisco and watch the Late Show on television starting at 11:35 p.m. on Tuesday, September 8th.

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