The Mission District is no stranger to graffiti, from anti-gentrification messages spray-painted on businesses and buildings, to the defacement of an LGBTQ-themed mural, to the campaign of vandalism and threats against Local's Market. And this week, area tagger or taggers had a new, worrisome message: "White Power."

Mission Local reports that area resident Sandra Sandoval spotted the message on the sidewalk near the McDonald’s on 24th Street. A swastika was also drawn on the tag, they say. (Scroll down see a photo of the tag here.) Update: SFist commenter Wagnerian_thrice says that "The white power graffiti is on the 24th at BART platform, too."

The same "white power" message was repeated on a mural outside the La Gallinita Meat Market, which is at 2989 24th Street between Alabama and Florida Streets. According to La Gallinita owner Salvador Vasquez, the mural, which depicts Juan Diego receiving a miracle from the Virgin of Guadalupe, has rarely been vandalized due the the religious nature of the art.

“I’ve been here since 1975. Everything has happened,” he says.

“But to put it directly on a mural — it’s the first time I’ve seen that.”

The tag was also spotted on a new mural South Van Ness and 24th Street. That one depicts Mission District icon Chata Gutierrez, who died in 2013.

“The scaffold isn’t even down, and they tagged it,” Cindy De Losa, Precita Eyes Mural Arts Center store manager says. In both mural defacement cases, Precita Eyes staffers cleaned up the damage, but in the eyes of one Precita staffer, the taggers are "amateurish."

“It could be a juvenile attempt to voice out identity," Precita's Fred Alvarado said, "and deal with whatever non-privilege or privilege they have.”