All those construction cranes you've seen across the city the past couple of years are finally resulting in a ton of new housing, however it's still not enough to satisfy demand and it's still all priced at jaw-dropping, crying-jag-inducing levels. 2,249 units have already hit the market this year, or are just about to, in eight different buildings, including the snazzy 100 Van Ness (a.k.a. the former AAA building) and The Jasper with all its fanciful "rooms of all trades." And there are now 6,000 more units under construction.

This piece in the Chron lays out the features, amenities, and rent ranges at all eight buildings, and therein we learn that The Alchemy (55 Laguna) — not to be confused with this SF-based BDSM event group of the same name — will have a music room when it opens this fall. The Azure Apartments in Mission Bay will feature a bring-your-dog happy hour dubbed the "yappy hour", as well as a "demonstration kitchen" for all those nights that you want to pretend you're a Food Network star in front of your friends.

We already talked about The Jasper, but that 320-unit building is already one-third leased (despite not opening for move-ins until October) and comes with lounges with "mega-screen" TVs, "resident trips to Tahoe [and] Napa," and a guest suite that's available to rent in case your parents come to visit and you can't fit them in your $3,500 studio.

And remember that building in Mission Bay that went up some serious flames while it was under construction? It is called MB360 phase 2, and it will open in November with studios starting at $3,200 a month, and a "billiard and poker table."

Going by the old one-third-of-your-income rule, you ought to be making at least $100,000 a year to afford to pay that much in rent, but of course you could get a roommate and pay just a tiny bit less.

Also, it remains to be seen if the market will bear these rents once all those 6,000 new units flood it. But chances are they won't go down much.

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