According to their motto, the LA-based Starving Students moving company in Oakland puts their heart into every move. But last Saturday, workers driving a company van were caught on tape dumping furniture along Magnolia and 26th in Oakland. Where's the heart, starving students?!?

Presumably, the movers were hired to take old furniture to the city dump and were given the requisite fees associated with tossing big garbage. Instead, they appeared to have kept the extra money and treated an Oakland sidewalk as a public landfill.

The neighbors weren't having it. “It finally vindicates me to have someone dumb enough to do it right in front of the camera,” local business owner Jon Sarriugarte told KPIX.

Sarriugarte called Starving Students, who sent (other) workers to come clean up the mess. The workers in question were fired, and the company CEO is really sorry about everything. But Sarriugarte, who is a noted Burning Man metal artist (?), isn't convinced. He tells KPIX, " “They going to say what they’re going to say to save their company reputation."

Right. Because THEY'RE STARVING.