Yesterday's story about the pair of dental students from the East Coast whose car was stolen near the Castro Safeway with their dog inside already has a relatively happy ending. KRON 4's coverage of the story, and/or ours, helped get the victims' SUV recognized by a neighbor where it was illegally parked Tuesday at Waller and Pierce. The dog, a two-year-old German Shepherd named Lady, was unharmed and still in the backseat, as KRON 4 now shows us.

But here's a big question: If you were going to steal a car, would you choose one with a German Shepherd in it? Apparently Lady didn't put up a fight, but still.

Medical University of South Carolina students Pallavi Saraf and Victoria Walker tell KRON 4 that their electronics, passports, and some precious belongings were stolen, but that's it. They say they were in San Francisco "on a road trip to promote #operationoral and raise awareness about HPV related oral cancer."

Saraf says the loss of the dog was "the most emotionally trying experience I've ever had."

The car theft happened in broad daylight outside the Safeway, where the car was parked on the street, on Sunday. The thief apparently only drove the car about six blocks before rifling through the womens' bags, and abandoning the car.

It appears the poor dog was locked inside until they recovered it on Tuesday. The woman who recognized the car wrote "Do not tow, dog inside" on the back window, in the dirt.

Also, remarkably, Lady didn't pee or poop in the car despite being stuck in there a day and a half.

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