Well this is upsetting. While car break-ins and such petty crimes have been exploding citywide, we have a case of a brazen car theft from the Safeway at Church and Duboce in which a couple of students visiting from the East Coast watched the thief drive away with both their car and their beloved pet.

As KRON 4 reports, the Black Volvo SUV was stolen by a man wearing a red beanie, and South Carolina dental students Pallavi Saraf and Victoria Walker watched it happen as they came out of the store — KRON 4 does not clarify if they may have, in fact, gone into the Whole Foods across the street, or the Safeway, and they do not report what day this happened.

The car contained all their belongings as well as their dog Lady, who looks from a photo to be a fairly large animal.

This sounds like a crime of opportunity and hopefully the car will show up soon — SFist has reached out to the SFPD to see if there's been any update in the case, and we'll update you here when and if there is.

Did they leave it unlocked? Were the windows all the way down for the dog?