A little over a month after he was unceremoniously booted from Dolores Park by some killjoy park rangers, Robot Dance Party came back to the party on Saturday, now fully sanctioned and permitted by the city. As Chuck Nevius reports — sounding much more positive about the park than he was just a few months ago when he was calling for more policing — it was Supervisor Scott Wiener who stepped in to be the defender of fun this time.

Wiener heard the story about the park rangers escorting Robot Dance Party (a.k.a. Chris Hirst) out of the park in June, shortly after the north half reopened, citing the fact that he was playing "amplified music" and needed a permit for that." (It turns out that Hirst tried to return once or twice, and was again marched about by rangers three weeks ago.)

Wiener and aide Jeff Cretan went about getting Robot Dance Party a proper permit, for a "nominal fee," and as of Saturday he was back adding some goofy fun to the general park chaos.

Below, some Instagram evidence. As you can see, he's also joined in on the #LoveDolores campaign.

Rockin Robot at Dolores Park over the weekend! Love that this is the norm in SF!

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Robot jam session! This guy rocks.

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Let's take care of our wonderful park! #lovedolores

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