Hey, did you guys watch The Knick? The first season of the Clive-Owen-starring, Steven-Soderbergh-directed Cinemax series about how much it sucked to be in a 1900-era New York hospital got awards recognition and rave reviews from smarty pants TV lovers, enough so that it got a second season — one that's at least partially set in San Francisco.

Or so, at least, it appears from the show's season two trailer, which dropped last night. That's right, New York — we might not have any decent bagels, but we're sure our turn-of-last-century hospitals can be just as disgusting as yours were!

According to a casting notice posted in March, the show was (sic throughout) "seeking Non-Union Asian Men to portray Chinese Pedestrians! Ages 18-99. The scene takes place in a quarantine camp in San Francisco Chinatown in 1901. *Especially seeking men with long hair!*"

"Men must be ok receiving 1900 style haircut and possibly being fit with artificial facial hair," the notice read.

"NO shaved heads, buzzcuts, or shaved sides for men. All must be ok working around atmospheric smoke. No allergies to wool."

We're assuming that those "Non-Union Asian Men" are the guys we see in the trailer below, standing behind a barbed wire fence with a "quarantine" sign from the San Francisco Department of Health and the mayor's office. Guess those outfits could be wool? Who knows.

Even if you don't get Cinemax, you can still legitimately/password-sharingly catch up on season one of The Knick as of August 14, when it'll be available for streaming on Cinemax sister platforms HBOGo and HBONow.

Season two of The Knick, complete with quarantined San Franciscans, will premiere on October 16.