A notorious local gay porn studio is set to release a gangbang porn flick with a woman and a trans woman in starring roles, but the gang’s not all on board. Treasure Island Media, a studio so raunchy they’ve been banned from the Folsom Street Fair, crosses the gay porn gender taboo in their upcoming release F*** Holes 3, which comes out August 5th. Depending on who you ask, this is either a breakthrough for a silent, underrepresented porn-consuming demographic or a slap in the face to everyone who’s marched since Stonewall.

(NOTE: Every link in this article is NSFW. These links are hardcore beyond your typical ‘Not Safe for Work’, as these links depict nasty creampie anal gangbangs and such. Clicking on these at work will probably get you fired on the spot. While this article is Safe For Work, the external links below contain explicit gay gangbag porn images. You will either vomit at them or furiously masturbate to them.)

Treasure Island Media’s new film F*** Holes 3 is a continuation of its popular Fuck Holes franchise. (Don’t watch them out of order!) These are standard gay porn bareback gangbang videos — except that Fuck Holes 3 features SF Weekly’s Whore Next Door and cis-female Siouxsie Q James and trans woman Sami Price on the business end of bareback gangbangs. Most of the film is all-male, but two scenes feature models who identify as women.

This was not well-received at gay porn blog The Sword. “Would this be boundary-pushing? Or is this just flat-out, gag-me gross for the majority of Treasure Island’s fan base?,” The Sword asks. Says one Sword commenter, “Gay porn industry has no gay pride. Painfully desperate.”

SFist reached out to the film’s director Max Sohl. “I have never had a movie this discussed based on the trailer alone,” Sohl told SFist. “Some of the comments are surprising given that they haven’t seen what they are commenting on and really are judging based solely on the ‘idea’ of the casting.”


Siouxsie Q James says she’s also received some bareback blowback for doing this scene. ”Random people ask me on Twitter if I have AIDS, which goes to show how deeply homophobic porn and its consumers can be,” she told SFist. “A lot of people are mad that I'm in this movie, and as a queer person I get how frustrating it is when your space gets dominated and taken over by straight people, like the Lexington Club just recently. I am certainly not trying to do that.”

“I was so honored that this historically gay director wanted to cast me in this genre-busting film,” she continued. “Yes, there are women in this film, it is still shot by a gay director for a gay production company. The focus is on the dudes.”

The criticism comes not just from the gay blogs and Twitter, but also from within the adult industry. Some performers were told they’d be blacklisted if they did this film

“Apparently there is a big anti-crossover mentality in straight porn,” Sohl said, “They don’t want their models to ‘crossover’ into gay porn and even though it was a 100% straight scene. My background and Treasure Island was all they needed to hear. One straight male porn star was told by another straight porn company if he did the scene they wouldn’t hire him again.”

Despite the outcry on social media and within the industry, Sohl seems to enjoy the attention and asserts the response has been mostly positive. “Fuck Holes 3 will not be for everyone — not everything we do is,” he said. “Anyone who is that disturbed by the sight of a pussy can skip it. But if they check it out they might find the enjoy the sight of some super hot straight men breeding.”

It should be noted that Treasure Island Media has especially enjoyed courting controversy in recent years. And while they've always specialized in non-condom, raunchy gay porn, they broke new ground in the HIV-in-porn debate last year with their movie Viral Loads, which depicted a male porn model getting gangbanged and having a jar labeled "Poz Cum" injected into his anus with a syringe. Salon picked up the story of HIV becoming "a turn-on," and interviewed the openly HIV-positive model in question, Blue Bailey, who said at the time, " To me, it doesn’t seem like a controversy at all."

Fuck Holes 3 will be available August 5 on Treasure Island Media. The film also stars Flynn Evans, Kyle Ferris, Eli Lewis, Rob Yaeger and Rocco Steele in addition to the aforementioned lady parts-having performers.

Image: Treasure Island Media