Watch raw video of SFPD Chief Greg Suhr's press conference via KPIX

SFPD officers shot and wounded a carjacking suspect at SFO earlier this morning after he allegedly wrecked a stolen car and attempted to steal at least one other.

Around 7:24 a.m., Sunday morning, officers responded to the scene when the suspect crashed a car into a light pole on South Airport Boulevard. After bailing from the wrecked car, the man continued down San Bruno Avenue where he was approached by a responding SFPD officer. The suspect then allegedly attempted to carjack a vehicle at a stoplight, ordering the driver to drive. Thinking the driver may have been an accomplice to the carjacker, the officer ordered the driver to stay put, and the suspect fled.

According to Chief Greg Suhr at a press conference later the same morning, the suspect then came at one of the officers who was ordering him to stop. One shot was fired by an officer, but missed the suspect.

According to a witness at the scene, the suspect could be heard saying, "Shoot me, shoot me, shoot me!" as he continued at the officer. He was then shot by the cop in the stomach.

According to Suhr, the suspect is in "serious, but stable" condition at the hospital and will later be interviewed by police. Authorities later determined the crashed car from the beginning of the incident is owned by a runner in the San Francisco Marathon, who parked her car at the airport while she ran the race.

Note [2:00 p.m.]: The post has been clarified with information from a press release issued by SFPD public information officer Grace Gatpandan.