The expanded outdoor cinema project at Hayes Valley's Proxy that we told you about last month did not succeed in raising the $150,000 it was looking to raise via Kickstarter. But, as Hoodline reports, the project sponsors did get $81,049 in pledges, which is not chump change, and they've now switched tactics and have established a non-profit called Here For Now to continue the fundraising effort.

Lindsey Schott, who's part of the Envelope A+D firm that's behind the project, says, "We’re imploring all of our Kickstarter backers to transfer their pledges [to the non-profit]." Because, of course, with Kickstarter it's all-or-nothing, so they're kind of back to square one with the fundraising.

And if you want to see outdoor movies in Hayes Valley, you should consider donating. Schott says that first and foremost, even without any of the other bells and whistles they had in store, they need to purchase a digital projector, which alone will cost $67,000. And, they're still hoping to get one in time to have the PROXY Film Festival this fall, showcasing "recently released, best-of-show selections from festivals like SXSW and Sundance, focusing on independent and emerging voices in film."

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