This is a weird goddamn summer, right? All that rain and mist last week, combined with more possible rain from Hurricane Dolores coming up our way by the weekend, is turning this into the wettest July I can remember in all my years here. Meanwhile we're having some unseasonable loveliness arriving even before noon, with a nice high-pressure system allowing San Francisco to bask in some summer heat today and tomorrow.

According to Weather Underground, today will be the clearest day of the week, but temperatures will warm up further with what looks like some nice, balmy afternoons for the end of the week and highs up to 76 (which will feel more like 80-something in the Mission and Potrero, per usual).

There is some small chance that Hurricane Dolores, which is currently whipping up 130-mph winds off the Baja coast, will send some remnants north by the weekend, as CBS 5's Roberta Gonzales tells us, but she also says that another computer model has the storm heading due west out to sea.

So, there's the possibility of some beach time if you don't have the burden of a job here in the middle of the week, and maybe even on the weekend depending on the time of day. Dolores Park will, no doubt, be packed come Saturday. You should use this time to go find some drought-tolerant plants for your deck, and perhaps to head on over to Golden Gate Park or Stern Grove to hear random piano playing, or tUnE-yArDs.

Everyone, however, should thank their lucky stars, or whatever spiritual being they put faith in, that we're experiencing some decidedly not-July-like weather today, because these San Francisco days are rare and precious, my friends.