Mission-based artist, musician, and certifiable character Doctor Popular has sure been playing his Game Boy a lot. Now he's got this new song, titled "Moebius Strip Tease," to show for it. Yup, the song was conceived and performed on a Game Boy Advance with Nanoloop, and it's off the new album Destroy All Presets.

In the past SFist has noted some of the good Doctor's projects including his comic book and sign campaign, "God Hates Dinosaurs" which gained an implied endorsement from none other than Frank Chu.

When I ran into Doc Pop last week and he first showed off the new track, I have to admit I didn't get the math joke. I looked it up, and a Moebius or Möbius strip is simply a surface with only one side and just one boundary that is non-orientable. Like this.


Anyway, Blake Morse wrote and directed the below music video, which was shot and edited by Gabriel Roland and features original pixel art by Michael Syzmanski. It features Doc Pop, Nick Mueller, and Alexandra Chelini.

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