The San Francisco Zoo opened a new exhibit this weekend, and already a venomous snake has gone missing. Don't worry, it's not that dangerous.

On Friday, zookeepers said a small snake known as the Baron's green racer escaped from its enclosure in the new South American Tropical Rainforest and Aviary, just a day before the exhibit's grand opening. While it's possible the snake is simply hiding, zookeepers have already taken apart its case and found nothing. They say it likely has escaped and became another animal's meal. "This one is pretty small, and that is why it most likely became prey for another animal." zoo spokeswoman Nancy Hayden Crowley told SFGate.

"That's the animal world."

Most of the exhibit is open space for the animals to fly and wander, though the missing snake shared a case with another individual of the same species for protection from the other animals. "We have about 100 species of plants and animals in here," zoo spokesman Joe Fitting told KPIX. "Many of them are snake-eating birds."

If the snake is still alive and wandering the exhibit outside of its case, visitors don't have to worry. Fitting said the snake is "barely venomous," and its bite is akin to a bee sting or spider bite.

Zookeepers haven't ruled out the possibility it's just hiding out. The snake is barely an inch wide and about a foot long.