Three people were struck after a San Francisco Police Department officer forgot something they teach everyone on the first day of drivers' ed: put your car in "park" before you get out, pal

According to KTVU, it was around 10:30 Wednesday night when the forgetful officer pulled up in front of two of his fellow officers at the intersection of Minna and Julia Streets, which is between 7th and 8th Streets in SoMa.

His colleagues were standing behind his car, speaking with a person they'd detained in connection with a possible burglary, the Ex reports. When the arriving officer hopped out of the vehicle to join in the discussion, "he forgot to put it in park and the cruiser rolled back," SFPD spokesperson Officer Albie Esparza says.

Both of the officers behind the car, as well as the suspect, were struck when the unmanned car took off.

One of the officers was left with injuries to his back and shoulder, and was treated at the scene. The second officer was uninjured.

The suspect, who was scratched "in the back" by the collision, was transported to San Francisco General Hospital "for treatment of 'superficial' wounds," and is expected to make a full recovery.