Stealing titles from both New York and Seattle, according to a new study we're "sleepless in San Francisco," which is the new "city that never sleeps."

Fortune and Health, working from data collected by also-ran search engine Bing, report that we in SF only get an average of 6 hours and 34 minutes per night. Let's not dwell on how Bing knows if you are sleeping, since it's easier to simply trust in the benevolence of our tech overlords protectors.

Instead, let's assume this is good data and ask how it could be possible? Our bars close embarrassingly early, and although sleep is the key to a healthier you, we're among the healthiest cities in the nation. So what gives?

The answers, I think you'll find, are obvious.

San Franciscans don't get much sleep because we have to wake up early to go on a hike, head to yoga, or get in an hour at the climbing gym. That's how we're up nice and early and that's what keeps us healthy. Let's not forget that the entire financial industry has to be up when the markets open on the East Coast, 6 a.m. our time. Another factor: We're an excellent coffee city.

By the same data, the town of Boston is predictably the sleepiest in the nation. Each night, Bostonians spend 8 hours and 7 minutes passed out drunk and dreaming of lives lived in real American cities.

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