Mark Zuckerberg's $10 million Dolores Heights fixer-upper has caused its fair share of problems over the past two years of fixer-upping. Neighbors were pissy due to construction and noise, which drove reporters with noisy TV vans to report on how pissy they were, leaving neighbors fully pissed. And now one neighbor has shared his story with microlocal blog Capp Street Crap after what he and friends see as an unnecessary and detrimental temporary restraining order from Zuckerberg's team of round-the-clock guards. The man, who has a history of issuing threats and has been described by friends as unwell but harmless, claims to have been renting an apartment he sometimes stayed in that he can no longer access because of the order. Now, he's been forced to live on the streets and in his car, he says.

Relevant court documents filed on behalf of Facebook show that 11 members of its Global Security Operations Center team claimed run-ins with one William “Gordon” Kinzer were cause for safety concerns. Coming to his own defense, Kinzer says disabilities prevent him from causing any harm. He has yelled at the guards for taking up parking room, he admits, but the consequences of the order are extreme for him.

Kinzer, who is 62, is forbidden to come any closer than 1,500 feet from Zuckerberg’s house, his guards, or their cars. Though Facebook’s documents maintain that Kinzer lives out of this car, Kinzer, who has been homeless or under-housed for years, claims to rent a room in a friend’s apartment on Fair Oaks Street just 600 feet or so from the Zuckerberg manse. That's now an off-limits area for Kinzer, forcing him back into homelessness, living in and out of his car. But, for the record, it sounds like Kinzer already spent plenty of nights in his car. His roommate may more accurately have been letting him crash as a favor, and Kinzer would sometimes retire to his car out of a sense of privacy, he says. It's doubtful that Kinzer is on the lease.

“Gordon, who by order of the court can no longer live at my home, now struggles to live out of his car,” Kinzer's friend wrote, “Gordon’s physical and mental health has seriously deteriorated since being removed from my home.”

Kinzer, as previously noted, has a history of making threats that have gotten him in trouble before. His arrest for threatening a Texas Judge landed him in a state hospital. And here in San Francisco, he was arrested after repeatedly provoking security, sometimes with notes. As Kinzer reportedly said to a guard after handing him one such letter, "I have threatened people in Texas, you will see, I’m smarter than [Zuckerberg], he is a terrorist."

Security guard Ramon Alcantar claims that Kinzer "challenged him to a fight on one occasion, ranted about the Constitution, the Bible and the Texas Rangers, and on May 23 approached his vehicle and yelled 'Revelations will protect me!' and 'you are violating the law.'”

Kinzer doesn't sound like an ideal neighbor, or person to talk to for that matter. But whether a restraining order is necessary is a different question.

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