Union Square shoppers will soon have to walk a few steps further to partake in that special kind of fast fashion you can only get at Forever 21, as the company's massive Powell Street location is reportedly closing its doors.

Hoodline reports that the Forever 21 at the Powell and Market cable car turnaround will shut its doors as of August 2. That's the same location that made headlines two weeks ago after a shoplifting-related brawl in which a suspect allegedly attempted to assault a San Francisco Police Department officer before she was pepper sprayed.

As of August, however, shoppers and shoplifters won't be able to do their business at the chain's Powell and Market location, known to old-timers as the Bank of America building (and to even older-timers as one of the locations of the Bank of Italy). Instead, they'll have to hoof it up to the retailer's other location at Stockton and Market, in the old Virgin Megastore.

In 2010, a Forever 21 spokesperson told the SF Business Times that “Due to the success of our 1 Powell store, we needed a more expansive shopping environment,” hence the second Union Square location.

It's unclear how the company's fortunes have changed since then — as a private company, Forever 21 hasn't released its financials since 2008 — but one can always hope that shoppers are starting to mull the global costs of fast fashion and are making purchasing decisions to reflect such considerations.

Hoodline reports that "there's no indication" of who might take over the three-floor, 30,000 square foot retail space. What would you like to see the space become?