The better to see your friends' perfect meals, vacations, and pets, photo sharing service Instagram is in the process of increasing its picture resolution from what the Verge calls an "archaic" 640 x 640 image size to a new size of 1080 x 1080 pixels.

No, sadly, your vision hasn't improved. Forbes is also reporting on the switch. "We can confirm that we are gradually rolling out 1080 on both iOS and Android," Instagram chimed in. "Most people should have it."

For anyone who wants to look at source code, having a gander at the 1080px photos from the comfort of your desktop should be easy. On browser simply open an Instagram photo page's source HTML code, then search it for ".jpg" and the first result should be the URL to the larger picture.

As Instagrammers are aware — the platform is mobile-first, desktop-last. Your phone's stream of photos will see the improvements well before they're in your stream on your computer (without the above workaround).

One unintended but socially useful consequence of the change: It's possible you'll begin to see cracks in your friends' Instagram facades. Blemishes, wrinkles, and other unsightly details could now become visible. So please, take your photos with the utmost care in order to maintain your veneer of joy and beauty. Or just filter the hell out them from now on.

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